Sell we can supply wood combs

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We can supply the wooden comb from China. Our product are of traditional arts, and designs,

and of best quality. Pur product include more than 200kinds of handicrafts, such as healthy

wood comb, carved wood comb, hotel wood comb, wood mirror and bamboo mirror, etc. The product

are elaborately made of yellow willow, nanmu, peach and other first-rate natural wood by hand.

Our prduct are of smooth surface, perfect combinations of carving arts and daily use artices.

We have series as follows,
Princess Combs,
Colored Drawing Combs/Branded Flowers Combs
lovers' combs/ Hairpin
Hand Carved Combs
Wingceltis Combs, Gift Combs Series
Peach Combs,
Quality Combs,
Yellow Willow Combs,
Wood Miror Series

Wish to cooperate with you and supply you quality product.