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Our automatic temperature control combined oil press is suitable for squeezing rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, benne, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc. varieties vegetable oil plants. This machine has advanced design, convenient operation, and high output, etc. advantages.

The product conforms to Q/70896431-5.03-2003< automatic temperature control combined oil press > standards.

The YZYX120WZ combined oil press was in the past single plane foundation, after carried on the market demand investigation and study, in short-term research and development new product. It increased the automatic temperature control function, changed the traditional dry cake grinding lifting temperature way, therefore it reduced the working time, and also reduced the waste of power and machine, otherwise it lengthened the life of the machine. If produces interrupted, squeeze chest could keep warm automatically, this machine also increased using function and enlarged the automaticity, changes the sole squeeze machine into a combined machine with squeezing, and filter in one. The gross oil squeezed out will be filtered in the vacuum filter. Vacuum filter has the character of lightly weight, convenient operation, quick filter, etc. is better than the plate flame filter. The YZYX120WZ oil press has the compact structure, need small ground, etc characters, is suitable for the market, the supermarket, the cooking oil shop and in the city and countryside agricultural market fair processing.
Capacity: 6.5t/24h
Residue oil of cake:7.5% max
Technical specification:
Item YZYX120WZ Remark
Spiral axes rotate speed(r/min) 32-42
Main electromotor power
(kw) 1.1 Level 6 electromotor
Pump electromotor power (kw) 1.5 Level 4 electromotor
Temperature control power (kw) 3.6
Measurement (mm) 2120x1350x1890 Length x width x high
Weight (kg) 1080
Brand Name
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set