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Our factory developed automatic temperature control integration oil press has provided a green channel from material to the refined oil for the users, and a set of hygienic, scientific vegetable oil processing equipment. It shows the consumers witness the non-pollution organic foods oil production entire process, also let the people feel relieved flutters practical fragrant four overflows, natural health orthodox school vegetable oil.

Automatic temperature control integration oil press is suitable for squeezing sesame, peanut, sunflower seeds, and etc. top grade oil plants. Those machines with fry, squeezes, and filter in one, which has advanced design, convenient operation, and high efficiency, etc. characters.

This machine is elegant appearance, compact structure, convenient operation, and small measurement; it is suitable for the market, the supermarket, and the cooking oil shop and in the city and countryside agricultural market fair the scene processing.

Residue oil of cake:7.5% max
Technical specification:
Item YZYX70(-8) ZWY Remark
Spiral axes rotate speed(r/min) 32-42
Squeezing power (kw) 4.0
Frying power (kw) 5.5
Filter power (kw) 0.55
Temperature control power (kw) 1.52
Mixing power (kw) 0.25
Measurement (mm) 1218x1160x1882 Length x width x high
Weight (kg) 492
Model Number
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