Sell we supply granite

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we are able to supply polished slab, axed slab, hammer dressed slab, flamed slab, rubbed slab, irregular slab of granite, roman column, tombstone, sculpture ect. It include red, black, pink, green, grey, white, ect. Dealing with more than 40 kinds of high-quality stone materia, our comapny annually processes 300thousand sq meters of Light Cherry-flower Red(G364) , Dar Cherry-Flower Red(G367) , Crystal White Jade (355) , Shandong Sesame White(G365) , Pearl Flower(G383) , Laizhou Red(G386) , fove Lotus Flower(G361) , China Black, Rhodea Japonica, Maple Leaf Red, Cream-colored, Red cream, Hang Grey, Tiger red, Tianshan Red, Sanxia Red ect.