Sell weighing  indicator-PA8101

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This type of indicator has found ready market at home and abroad, because its performance
Specialties: design concision, beautiful, durable, high precision magnifier and high precision titled integral A/D. friendly operation interface , supplying abundant clew information , SMT technology

Main parameters:
Input signal:0-15mv
Input sensitivity:0.4uv/d
A/D conversion rate:50 times per second
Internal resolution:500000counts
External resolution:30000counts
Disply :7data bits led
Operation keys:5
Excitation voltage:510.3v
Operation temperature:00-400
Humidity :400(20-90%) RH
Mechanical :81mmⅹ173mmⅹ57mm
Power waste:<10VA
Power voltage:AC220V OR AC120V
Suitable for weighbridge , forklift scale, testing instrument
certified for NETP