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Computer great automatic welding panel machine is the advanced welded equipment which is the
combination of machinery, electricity computer. The biggest merit is that the wire diameter can
change, you can get the hole distance when you insert the distance, if you can change the data, so
you can get the distance what you need, welded many big hole, then welded many small hole, you
can change at your will.
The surface is smooth, the error of opposite angle line. It is evaluated the advanced welding mesh
equipments by the mesh-welding expert. If you need the equipments of more than 2.5m and 6mm,
you can order goods.
1, the widest of panel is 2.5m
2, the diameter of welded is 2.5mm-6mm
3, welding transformer air is self-controlling
4, weld the form time contracts, welds at different times
5, control and reduce electrical net pollution by weaving
6, the pressure of welding can change
7, the wire diameter can adjust
8, the hole distance of mesh inputs the computer the hole distance changed automatic
9, the machines are widely used in railway, highway, high-level construction
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