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LT-J421(AWS E6013 welding electrode) is a low carbon steel electrode with high titania-potassium type coating and suitable for both AC and DC. The electrode is able to provide excellent welding technological performance because the arc is extra stable and spatter loss is negligible, the slag has good fluid and solidified slag is very easy to remove, the manipulate is free and restrike is easy. It can give smooth and beautiful ripples. Welding can be done in all positions, especially suitable for welding of steel sheets. For welding of irregular joints and even under unfavorable condition, it can also give good and fine welds.


For welding low carbon structures of vehicles, buildings, vessels, machinery-manufacture, especially suitable for intermittent welding of steel sheets, small weldments and shorter welds, as well as cosmetic welding with neat appearance.
2.5 3.2 4.0
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