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Product Name: Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Model Number: Auto-Darkening Welding helmet
Place of Origin: China
1) Automatically changes from light state to dark state when an arc in struck
2) At the moment of stopping welding, the filter screen automatically changes from dark to light state slowly so as to prodect eyes from being hurt by the rest arc
3) The ultra high performance of UV/IR Auto-Darkening filters provide full protection for the use's eye
4) Protective plate which is free from stained chipping pro-tects the filter screen from being damaged by sparks and particles

Technicial specifications:
Model no. : AS-1
1) Filer size(mm) :110*90*9
2) Viewing area: 98 x 40mm or 90*40mm
) Light state: shade DIN3
4) Darken state: from DIN9-Din13
5) Switching time:1/20000s
6) Delay time:0.6s
7) Power on/off:fully automatic
8) Power supply:solar-li, no battery change required
9) Rate of UV: 313nm<0.00006%, 365nm<0.00006%
10) Rate of IR: 780-1300nm<0.003%, 1300-2000nm<0.009%
11) Eye protection: EN379 1/2/1
12) Weight:400g

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