Sell welding torches(MB-15AK)

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1. Welding torches and welding parts compatible for
Binzel welding guns MB-15AK, 23KD, 24KD, 25AK, 26KD, 36KD, 40KD, and 501D
Bernard welding guns 200E,300E,400E,600E.
Tweco welding torches 1#,2#,3#,4#,5#.
Panasonic 180A, 200A, 300A, 350A and 500A
OTC 200A, 300A, 350A and 500A
Including whole torch, nozzle, contact tip, tip holder, swan neck, handle,
rear handle, cable, cable joint.
2. TIG welding guns and welding parts, such as WP-9 , WP-12, WP-17, WP-18, WP-20, WP-24, WP-25, WP-26, WP-27 air cooled and water cooled etc.
Including torch head, back cap, cup gasket, collet, collet body, gas lens body, cable fittings, alumina nozzle, power cable adapters, switch, torch body.
3. plasma torch & parts, such as electrode tip, shield cup fit for Hypertherm, OTC, Panasonic, SAF, ESAB, CEBORA, etc.
4. Welding wire for CO2 gas shielded welding (AWS ER70S-6) , solder wire for submerged arc welding (AWS EM12K, AWS EH14, AWS EM13K) , solder wire for stainless steel (AWS ER308, ER308L, ER309, ER316, ER316L etc)
5. Tungsten rod, such as WT20, WZ8, WT30, WC20, WL10, WT40, WP, WL20, WZ3, WL15, WT10, WY20.
6. Standard welding helmet, automatic darkening welding helmet, welding glass, head gear belt, safety glass, welding goggles, etc.
7. Different kinds of electrode holder, earth clamp, tip cleaner, gouging torch and parts, gas regulator, flow meter, gauge, round, square lighter, flint stone, pistol lighter, soapstone holder, lugs, o-ring, cable lugs, flashback arrestor, trolley, chipping hammer, positioner, welding positioner, ping plug, burnisher etc.
8. Wire feeder fit for panasonic, otc etc. Remote controller, reel shaft, roller, adaptor, connector, motor used on wire feeder.
9. Cutting nozzle, welding/cutting torch, heating torch, cutting torch.
10. Make different types as the sample you offer.
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