Sell wet tissue machine

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Our this machine is used to produce wet tissue 1pc/bag. From raw paper to finished product, raw paper slicing, folding, water-adding, cutting and packing are all completely automatic.
Its detailed specification is as follows:
1 Material: dustless paper, non-woven cloth
2 Speed: 120pouches/min (single piece per pouch)
3 Material specification: (150~200) *#1000mm
4 Unfolded wet tissue size: 200*200mm (adjustable)
5 Outer package size: (80-150) *65
6 Bag type: Pillow type (back-sealed)
7 Power: 380V, 50Hz, 6Kw
8 Outer dimension: 5500*920*1650mm
9 Water tank size: 900*900*1500mm
10 Weight: 1.5ton