Sell wet wire drawing machine

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Skill type Skill parameter
Product type Wet drawing 4 groups of capstan
Produce materials High carbon steel wire
No. of drafts 21
Max. speed 20m/s
Inlet wire diameter(# mm) 0.8-1.5
Outlet wire diameter (# mm) 0.15-0.3
Reduction per draft 14.5%
OU per draft 97%
Inlet wire strength 1250mpa
Capstan surface status Tungsten carbide (WC)
Rigidity of capstan surface 62-64 HRC
Cooling type Circulating cooling
Motor power 22 KW
Speed control Frequency converter
Motor control PLC control
Turn control <=200N
Noise <=85dB
Volume of cooling box 600L
Measure dimensions 1700*1600*1910
Weight 2000 kg