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Model No. SWAC-100

1. 20000 kinds of different vehicles data included, update data every period and input data by oneself at any time.
2. Wireless remote control, CCD measurement technology
3. Laser measuring
4. 2.4G 5 bluetooth matrix measurement, special anti-jamming system to guarantee no interference in communication.
5. Unique external electronic level, with an accuracy of up to 10.020(accuracy of traditional bubble type level is only 0.10)
6. Full- automatic steering wheel correction technology
7. Chassis measuring ultra-low-angle
Name Precision Range
Toe 10.02 11.50
Total toe 10.02 130
Camber 10.02 170
Kingpin caster 10.01 1400
Kingpin inclination 10.01 1400
Thrust angle 10.02 20

Basic Configuration:
Number Item QTY
1 19' LCD monitor 1pc
2 Sensors 4pcs
3 Wireless remote control 1pc
4 4-point clamps 4pcs
5 Color ink printer 1pc
6 Turn plates 2pcs
7 Small cabinet 1pc
8 Steering lock 1pc
9 Pedal pressor 1pc
10 Operation manual 1pc
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