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Main specifications of KTZL50G Wheel Loader
Description Specifications Unit
Rated load 5000 Kg
Bucket capacity 3 m 3
Dumping clearance 3090 mm
Dumping reach 1130 rnm
Max. breakout force 170 KN
L x W x H 8110 x 3000 x 34S5 mm
Operating weight 17.5 t
Raising time ^6 s
Total cycling time ^ 11 s
Max . drawing fence 150 KN
Articulation angle 135 0
Min. turn radius 6400 mm
Climb ability 28 0
Wheel base 3300 mm
Tread 2200 mm
Traveling speed ist(RR) 11.5/16.5 km/h
2nd(F) 37 km. 'h
Engine Model WO 615.67G3-31A
Rated power/Raed speed 162kW/2200r/min
Tyres 23.5-25-16PR
Log fork Mi r\C lam ping diameter 450/ 800 mm
max. fbrk opening 1900/1990 mm
Dumping clearance 3230 mm
Dumping reach 1845 mm
Operating weight 17.5 t
Side-dump Rated load 5000 kg
Dumping clearance 3025/3957 mm
Dumping reach 1192/97 mm
Operating weight T8.7 t
High-lift Bucket capacity 2.7 m 3
Dumping clearance 3710 mm
Dumping reach 1180 mm
Operating weight 13 t
Condition of Goods
8110 x 3000 x 34S5 mm
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Warranty Coverage
After sales service is 12 months starting from the shipment