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The machine adopts semi-automatic transmission shift control, pilot double-handle operation. Reasonable shift arrangement  4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, KD button  first and second gearshift automatically change, which makes the operation flexible and convenient, reduces work intensity, and makes high work efficiency. .

LG958 is equipped with 4WG180 fixed-axle electro-hydraulic gearshift transmission, which applies technologies from world famous companies that manufacture transmissions, and it has high reliability. The loader also adopts electric & pneumatic internal expanding shoe brakes, which is safe and reliable.
The machine has 65 items of improvement on the key parts such as transmission, drive axle, bucket, hydraulic parts, pipelines, electric components, which greatly improves the reliability.
The machine has large boom lifting capacity, middle articulation, widened wheelbase, 8.02m overall length, and higher stability. The boom can lift materials of 11 tons in the lifting scope of 1.6m, which is very suitable for heavy material operation.
The booms lifting operation only need 5.7 seconds, and the three kinds of bucket operation only needs 9.5 seconds, so LG956 is one of the loaders that has fastest operation speed in the industry.
The loader has big bucket withdrawal angle and high full-load coefficient, which solved the conventional problem that the bucket can not be filled full. The bucket structure is optimized, and it is made of special materials and high strength wear-resistant blade, which contributes to longer service life.
The loader takes enlarged engine housing and efficient radiator, and the wind passages in the whole cooling system are also optimized, which efficiently reduced the engine water temperature and the oil temperature in hydraulic system, and improves the cooling efficiency of the machine.
The new type wide-view cab has a full-closed design and optimized wind passage which sends wind from the front. It is equipped with luxurious internal decorations as used in cars, mechanical suspension seat, and outside-mounted air conditioner and warming devices, thus the cab is more spacious for operation.
New type vibration absorbers are applied in the connection between the engine, transmission, cab and frame, and the operator will feel more comfort during operation. The machine takes patented new box type Lingong frame, which is more durable.
The Lingong standard dual seal coupling for hydraulic pipeline thoroughly avoids leakage. The bearings are all full-closed type, which prevents dusts and improves the bearings service life.