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Taiwan fiber whetstone
Besides grasp grinding, i
t is also suitable for air, electrically reciprocating rubbing machine.
Main characters
1 It adopts the most suitable frame for rubbing---crystal frame, which achieves high rubbing effect.
2 It is arranged as alternate fiber, the sand is rich and symmetry, not easy to fall off, and the surface of work-piece wont have marks after grinding. It can skid vertically and horizontally, enhance the grinding speed and the intensity of oil stone.
3 It doesnt produce much heat in the rubbing course, and wont make the work piece get heated easily and the oil stone get worse.
4 The shape of oil stone can be trimmed as you wanted.
5 Ceramic fiber oil is made from the union of high-purity ceramic fiber and thermoplastic resin, and it has high-degree of hardness, bearing abrasion, and it is not easy to break off.
6 Besides grasp grinding, it is also suitable for air, electrically reciprocating rubbing machine. You can get the best effect when using on the supersonic vibrate grinder (keeping 45 angle with the abrasion surface) . Ceramic fiber oil stone (Youshi) can be processed in different quality of moulding steels. And it suits general grinding difficulties such as the narrow ditch wall, the ditch sole, the hole, the slippery mark, the rib region and small fine place, especially for removing and polishing the carbon deposition level after the electric spark.