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Whey peptide refers to the hydrolysate of protein through enzyme action and then special processing.

Product Characteristics:
1. Balance the nutrition; improve the immunity, anti-aging, beauty care.
2. Prevent virus, enhance immunity and antioxidant ability.
3. Regulate blood lipid, lower cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis.
4. Maintain bones healthily growing, strengthen muscles, enhance physical and improve sports performance.
5. Improve mental outlook, get more efficiency on learning and working.
6. Prevent tumor.
7. Control weight by prompting the decomposition of fat and suppress hunger.
8. Prevent skin aging and wrinkling, and improve healing of wound.
9. Provide the breastfeeding-like nutrient for infants.


Health Food for Middle Aged and Elderly People:
It now is being used as main ingredient in health food for middle aged and elderly people because of its functions of regulating blood lipids, lowering cholesterol, and preventing atherosclerosis.

Various Foods:
Whey Peptide now are widely used in various kinds of nutritional and health foods as basic material and nutrional supplement for certain people such as the weak people, people suffering from indigestion and children.

Dairy product:
Whey peptide contains the immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and growth factor, and so on, Immunoglobulin not only can kill bacteria and viruses, but also neutralize toxic and enhance health. The lactoferrin can regulate the immunity and prevent viruses. The growth factor can improve born growing. All of the above shows that whey peptide plays very positive role in promoting health, resisting disease, and providing the breastfeeding-like nutrient for infants in dairy products.

Physiochemical Indexes:

Item Index
Appearance white or light yellow powder with free of foreign matters, bad odor and agglomeration.
Total protein (dried basis, %) >=68.0
Whey peptide (dried basis, %) >=60.0
PH (10.0%, water solution) 7.0-8.0
Moisture (%) <=7.0
Ash content (%) <=10.0
Total count of bacteria colonies (cfu/g) <=10000
Coliform group (MPN/100g) <=30
ISO 22000, Halal, HACCP, GMP, QS
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T
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