Sell white & yellow sweet clover

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White and yellow sweet clover are biennial herbs that are somewhat easy to identify, especially when in flower. Flowers are crowded densely on the top 4 inches (10 cm) of an elongated stem, with younger flowers emerging nearest the tip, or apex. Each tiny flower is attached to the stem by a minute stalk. The small pea-like flowers are white or yellow and each produc-es one or two seeds during the second growing season.
The leaves of sweet clover are alternate and trifoliate. Leaflets are finely-toothed and oblong. Mature plants (second-year) may appear bushy. These aromatic plants are members of the pea (legume) family, but they are not true clovers.

Similar Species
White and yellow sweet clover are distinguished from other members of the pea family by the following combination of characteristics. The leaves of yellow and white sweet clover are divided into three leaflets that are finely toothed, the middle leaflet occurs on a distinct stalk, and the flowers occur in a long narrow inflorescence. No other member of the pea family has this combination of characteristics. Sweet clover should be accurately identified before attempting any control measures. If identification of the species is in doubt, the plant's identity should be confirmed by a knowledgeable individual and/or by consulting appropriate books.