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UK timber company has a frustrated order of sawn Russian timber [80%spruce, 20% Pine]- available for immediate inspection/sale at Volgograd Port. Specs: Qty: 727 cu metre (cut to UK specs) GOST 8486-86 grade 1-3 Air dried to c20% moisture cont....
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kitchen cabinet
we supply wood cabinet, Nothing matches the beauty and elegance of solid wood kitchen furnitures at china newstar, we have a great selection of solid wood furniture. From oak cabinets, cherry cabinets, maple cabinets birth cabinet to ash cabinets, wh....

Indian crafts is the hold name in traditional Indian Handicrafts, came into existence in the year 1990 and is a concern of great reputation established for the purpose of manufacturing and exporting exclusive range of Whitewood, Sandalwood, Brass, La....

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Planed (machined) nordic whitewood for sale in various qualities and profiles. Dimensions in thickness between 12 and 75 mm and width between 35 and 250 mm, lengths 2,1 - 6,0 m.
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Wooden Table Lamp
The trees we employ include European original cherry, maple, whitewood, oak, beech as well as Chinese original rubber wood, birch, ash, beech, pine and miscellaneous woods and the incoming wood materials.
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Minimum thickness: 6mm Maximum width: 1220mm Maximum length: 5200mm Available species: spruce/whitewood, Mongolian Scotch pine, paulownia, cedar, fir, radiata pine, hemlock, douglas fir We are one of the best solid wood panels manufacturers in Ch....

838 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for Wood
Applicability: Lumbers, lamp house cloths Features: With fast adhesion, it can quick repair redwood, whitewood and rapidly bond lamp house cloth etc. Usage: Make the contact surfaces clean, smooth and dry, Put the glue on one surface and put the t....

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We have capacity to supply Sawn Timber as follows: 1) Spruce: (Picea Abies/ Whitewood) 2) Pine. (Pinus Silvestris) 3) Siberian Larch. ( Larix sibirica) Specification as follows: Length: 1000-6000mm Thickness: 19-200mm Width: 50-200....
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We supply Handcrafted Rosewood, Sandalwood and whitewood idols like elephants, Idols of Gods,
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Sawn Timber
Whitewood (Spruce) : Qualities: SF Sawfalling (US/V) VI Redwood (Pine) Qualities: US (I-IV) V VI
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