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 WiFi Phone based on the IEEE 802.11b/g and SIP standard , it can realizes the point-to-point (P2P) wireless correspondence ;
 WiFi Phone support the protocol of STUN , RTP ;
 WiFi Phone support G.711 / G.729 CODEC ;
 WiFi Phone support VAD / CNG / JB / AEC ;
 WiFi Phone support the system of WiFi multimedia Quality of Service ( QoS ) ;
 WiFi Phone will display call time and call log with LCD panel ;
 WiFi Phone support DHCP and Static IP ;
 WiFi Phone has functions of voice recording , phone book and call transfer / waiting / hold ;
 WiFi Phone has functions of WLAN searching, support the access ways of WEP / WAP / WAP2 ;
 WiFi Phone support key lock, date as a PDA , and the upgrade firmware thought wifi or USB connector ;
 WiFi Phone has fashion appearance and friendly user interface.
 WiFi Phone will save quite a lot of money for the users, realizes really cheap but high quality service.
Function browse
1. Data recording
 Phone book ;
 Dialed call log ;
 Missed call log ;
 Received call log ;
 Choose the log entry above you can dial it again and save the number into the phone
book or delete it ( one or all ) ;
 Call record and play ;
 Start time and holding time ;
 Parameter setting : Conformed to the standard of SIP , which make user change it
according actual status .

2. Call controlling
 Support one key calling function ;
 One key cancel talking and dialing function ;
 Audio record during a call .

3. Data inputting and outputting
 USB connector for file transmitting ;
 Digital soft keyboard .

4. Voice recording/playing
 Support taping when talking and local taping function ;
 Play the record and voice document .

5. Firmware upgrading
 WiFi Phone can connect computers through the USB so as to upgrade the firmware application procedure or increases the new function through management software on PC.

6. Power management
 Power indicator: display current surplus electric quantity ;
 Charge indicator: show charging and charged condition through the battery control lamp and the icon on LCD ;
 Save power mode: switch on the mode by system setting .
7. Toolkit (PC)

Expanded function
Besides the above, we can also supply other network equipments besides the WiFi Phone :
1. Wirelss video handset--DynaPhone
With a camera installed, it would not only send your voice but your image to your family members, friends, colleagues or your clients. It has good quality and make the call very inexpensive.
2. SIP service--DynaSIPServer
Based on Linux and Windows double platform, support IPv6 and IPv4 dual-core protocol stack to deploy the enterprise and the telecommunication level application server software, include the acting server, the reorientation server, the register server and the cost server software.
3. Wireless router--DynaAP
Based on linux real-time operating system, support IPv6 and IPv4 dual-core protocol stack, Integrated width router, support 802.11b/g, it has a good security feature and also use in the moving intelligent terminal to connect the IP network.
4. Network camera--DynaCamera
Based on linux real-time operating system, support IPv6 and IPv4 dual-core protocol stack, support H.263 and MPEG4 video encode/decode, support SIP2.0 to connect SIP sever in order to carry on the multi-spot monitoring, support P2P to connect the browsers directly without the aid of in PC, independent movement in IP network. .
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