Sell wind generator for wind-solar street light

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wind-solar streetlight system
consists of
generation device-----wind generator, solar panel
control system--------DC wind-solar controller
streetlight device---photo-time-controller for streetlight, lightpole, lamp (energy-saving lamp)
1. features
The wind-solar streetlight system can provide illumination with natural wind power and solar energy, and can work reliably in any parts of the world. it neednt any conventional fuel, no CO2 emission, no pollution, better economical efficiency.
The wind-solar streetlight system can provide green road to illuminate economically and reliably for users in the remote area and off-grid area, which has deep social meaning.
Compared with conventional streetlight provided by the state grid, wind-solar streetlight system has obvious advantages:
1. The conventional consume mass of the liquified petroleum fuel to generate electricity, at the same time it produce environmental pollution; the wind-solar system generate electricity with wind ad solar without any environmental pollution problems.
2. The conventional need to underground cables and set up substation, so it costs much more money to complete the project; while the wind-solar system can save these expenses, and it takes less time to complete the project.
3. the conventional will consume a great deal of electricity power, the operation and circuit maintenance expenses is very dear, which increase much more burden to the government and grid department. The expenses for wind-solar system is roughly same to the conventionals, but the wind-solar system only need disposable investment to uses the inexhaustible wind and solar energy once and for all to provide the stable reliable illumination in the public with few maintenance expenses.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,000 uiits/month
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Power Requirements
110v/220v/360v/380v, 50/60hz
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T/T or L/C
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