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wind generator
blade diameter : 6.0 m rated wind speed : 10m/s
rated output power: 5000(w) max power: 6500(w)
output voltage: 220v start up wind speed: 3m/s
work wind speed: 3-30(m/s) security wind speed: 50m/s
tower high: 9(m) top quality: 250(kg)
tower type/quality: steel of pole with iron of rope (159*5) /180kg
output controller system: controller , inverter
service life: 20-25 year
subject battery: 12V200AH18ps
can supply power for:air conditioner, small gas station, refrigerator, washing machine, watrepump, electric cooker, color TV, illumination, electric fan, charge.
Brand Name
Model Number
FD6.0- 5KW
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