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we provide whole plant equipments for wind tower making, incl wind tower circumfernetial welding , wind tower fit-up , wind tower blasting paint
From the bending machine or buffer, one shell is placed in one of the 10T roller beds to position it for internal and external longitudinal submerged arc welding carried out by the CaB 460 column and boom. While one shell is being welded in one roller bed, another shell is prepared in the other roller bed set. This procedure definitely increases the arc time factor. In addition, each shell at the end of a tower section has a mounting flange. The flanges are also welded to these shells at this station.
At the next station, a head and tail stock positioner, one sub-arc welding head for internal circumferential welding and one CaB 460 column and boom for external circumferential welding are integrated. Furthermore, there is a support roller bed and a rounding jig. The tower section is built up here until it reaches its full length. The first shell with the flange is clamped into the withdrawn tail stock, while the second shell is clamped into the head stock in the corresponding manner. The two shells are tightened by pushing the movable tail stock towards the head stock, whereupon tack welding takes place. The ESAB A2 welding head carried by the support arm performs the internal welding and, finally, the external circumferential welding is performed by the A6 head of the CaB 460 station. Step by step, the tower grows, as shell by shell is added, until the last shell with its flange completes the tower section. In order to maintain the roundness of the gradually extended tower, a rounding jig adapts the tower ends, using hydraulically operated pressure arms with rollers, in order to make them fit the shells that are added.