Sell wind turbine 10KW(150W-30KW)

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The parameter: 10kw
Blade diameter: 8m
Rated Rotated speed: 200 r/min
Rated wind speed: 10m/s
Rating power: 10,000w
Max power: 15,000w
Output voltage: 380v
Start wind speed: 3m/s
Operating wind speed: 3-30m/s
Security wind speed: 50m/s
Blade pieces number: 3pcs
Wind blade material: Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics
Wind energy utility coefficient: 0.42
Height of tower: 12m
Suggestion for rechargeable battery: 30pcs 12v200Ah
Over speed protect form: self-correcting the windward angle
Over voltage protect form: down by automatic yawing
Timing form: intelligentized control
Driven form: permanent magnetism of rubidium/iron/boron
Output controller system: charger and inverter