Sell wind turbine 200W-2KW

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200W turbine:
1. Rotor diameter: 2.2M 2. Start wind speed(m/s) : 3 3. Blade: 3 PCS 4. Blade materials: FRP complex resin 5. Adjustment speed: lateral misalignment 6. Rated wind speed: 6M/S 7. Rated voltage: 24V/12V 8. Rated power: 200W 9. Rated rotation(r/min) : 450 10. Max power: 300W 11. Generator: Permanent magnet generator 12. Working wind speed range: 3-25M/S

The product is used in the areas with wind and without electricity such as: island, desert, plain, beach, frontier defense, microwave communication, telephone transmitting tower, forest observation tower, maintenance station of oil delivery pipeline, lighting of expressway etc. It is also used in the areas with wind and with out electricity such as lighting for square, park, the place of urban landscape point, scenery resorts, lighting for highway, ecological in village etc.