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1. Under the condition that the centrifugal load is 15000N and the wave load is 850N
Then the blades can not happened to fracture and other damage.
2. The material used in blades has qualified certificate provided by vendor, chemical composition and mechanical properties are in line with national standards.
3. The Blades can Normal and Efficient work for 24 hours even In harsh environments . In the environment that the temperature is from -50 0 to +50 0 and Humidity is below 95% , the blades no trailing edge cracking, damage and other phenomena, The life of blade can last 15 years, even more .
4. Blade surface is treated by high-quality Gel coat resin , so that the blades have better Moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, water absorption, high elasticity and anti-ultraviolet radiation and so on .
5. We use the technology resin filled in the process of laminating blade . so the blade have good performance of anti rotting cloud. It have good anti moisture and anti aging performance in the curing condition. Then so can give the blade two kinds of protection.
6. The proportion of resin packing less than the weight of 12%, (include up to 15% of the Thixotropic agent ) , The proportion of Thixotropic agent less than the weight of 3%
7. Pigment make use of modern organic dyes that it doesnt easily fade , by the environment and climate effect is very small, the color of the blades can long last bright and luster.
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