Sell windmill  generator wind turbine 150w-50kw

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Blade diameter (m) : 2.0
Rated Rotated speed(r/min) :400
Rated speed (m/s) :8
Rated power:150W
Max power: 250W
Output voltage (v) : 24/12
Start up wind speed (m/s) :3
Work speed (m/s) : 3-25
High of tower (m) : 6
Top quality except tower: 35kg
Tower Steel tube model (mm) : #60
speed regulation: leaning tail + electric brake
Capacity and quantity of battery: 12V100AH1 pieces
Life span:20-25 years;
Warranty:1 year
Can supply power for: Color TV sets, Electric fans, Lighting, Charge

Permanent magnet direct drive generator:The stator is made of 470 silicon steel sheet. Not iron sheet.
The magnet steel is made of NdFeB . Not ferrites.
The wire package is made of copper wire which can resist 1600 heat. High insulated performance, high magnetic permeability , High generating efficiency.
Blades: streamline shape three pcs FRP blades, Unidirectional fibre fabric, use Of epoxy resin mold made by hand. Not hollow it is inner foam . Low Noise . no need to adjust and good quality of balance . no shaking. Strength, fatigue resistance. Not hollow machine made blades.
Controller and invertor hybrid , have 200% immediate protection
reverse-charge protection, reverse-connect protection, Battery reverse-connect protection, Battery open curcuit protection , automatic brake and Manual brake protection. Can protect our equipment against burn and extend the life of the batteries. Not car use invertor which have no protection.
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