Sell window banner stand

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I have been making various banners in South Korea, too.
I would like to introduce the following newly developed "BOARD BANNER" to you. This is brand new type of banner as follows:
1. Huge size available by using wire.
2. Cubical banner with adopting oval shape.
3. Conveniently using the conventional banner stand.
4. Effective eyecatching through cubical shape.
5. Various usability in outdoors, indoors, attaching to the windows and on the table.
6. Already got Korean patent and under applying for International patent(PCT)
I would like you to review this banner and add it in your product line.
I do believe you can make a good business with this BOARD BANNERS.
Please give me your feedback on my proposal. Aside from the above BOARD BANNER, I have been making many other banners.