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1 Insulation properties
The rate of window insulation film insulation is an important indicator of performance. Taking into account the Guangdong region of the summer, high temperatures, sunshine and strong climatic factors, insulating window film to high performance. Good quality car explosion-proof membrane can reflection infrared, the temperature on the car so much lower, and then will reduce air conditioning load, save fuel. If the car major judgement, it is very simple approach, as long as the film with a paste of glass block the sun, with the face or hands to feel its effects on the insulation.

2 Explosion Performance
This is also involved in another important safety performance. Explosion-proof high-quality film itself has a strong toughness, broken glass after the capsule will not be flying Nianlao wounding, and strong performance of its impact. The explosion-proof membrane feel very inferior soft, lack of adequate toughness, intolerance ultraviolet radiation, the brittle-aging.

3 UV-blocking rate
High-quality film, this indicator is generally not less than 98 percent, up to 99 percent higher. UV-blocking high rate can effectively prevent the vehicle were an excessive amount of ultraviolet radiation, burns skin, but also the protection of car stereos will not be drying bad. Many poor-quality films and not the target, or far below the 98 percent standard.

4 Colors
According to color and body-loving individuals to matching the colors. Usually shallow green, blue, gray, brown, natural color, and so more comfortable on the eye color.

5. Membrane surface-scratch -
High-grade quality of the film has a layer of anti-scratch th
e surface layer, under normal use can be difficult to protect the membrane surface scratches
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