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1. Double-head cutting saw CNC for aluminum door and window LJZ2-CNC-500W4200
1. the window machine use of imported CNC system; Drive system uses a digital AC servo motor and drive, use of ball screw drive mode;
2. The system can control the cutting length, therefore, size is accurate.
3. It has wide processing range. Aluminum doors and windows materials and curtain walls materials can all use it.
4. The processing is efficiency, suitable for large-scale production. Automatic opening and closing of protection device can make the worker safer.
5. Using CNC technology, to the different specifications and sizes of profiles, Can automatically adjust the length of the cutting, positioning accuracy.
6. Body adopts advanced steel structure design, through aging treatment, to ensure that their good stiffness, the deformation is not easy.
7. Imports of high-quality aluminum special carbide saw blades to ensure accurate cutting precision.
8. High-precision spindle make a smooth blade rotation. Effectively improve the quality of the cutting surface.
9. The saw feeding system adopt damping cylinder to ensure that the Saw is moved steadily.
10. The saw blade in and out system is linear guide.
11. Cutting angles are 90, 45, 22.5; they can change into another one of the three automatically. Locating from two directions, , clamping, accuracy and stability.
Power: 380V 50HZ (three-phase four-wire)
Electrica Power : 2 W 2.2KW 1 W 1.5KW
Speed: 3100rpm

Working pressure: 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

the maximum cutting length: 4200mm
the minimum cutting length; 400mm

the maximum cutting width: 135mm
the maximum cutting height: 300mm

Cutting angle: 90 0 45 0 67.5 0 (22.5 0)
Feeding speed: stepless speed 0-3m/min
Size(width W high W long) : 1500mmW 1650mm W 5680mm
Weight: 2100Kg
Power:380V 50HZ (three-phase four-wire)
Electrica Power :2 W 2.2KW 1 W 1.5KW
the maximum cutting length:4200mm
the minimum cutting length;400mm the maximum cutting width:135mm
the maximum cutting height:300mm Cutting angle:90 0 45 0 67.5 0 (22.5 0)
Size(width W high W long) :1500mmW 1650mm W 5680mm