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X03, X03-1 window screen weaving machine which is used in weaving mesh cloth with square hole and rectangle hole. The raw material is low carbon steel wire, aluminum alloy window screen, black wire, cooper wire and other metal wire.

Fiberglass plain window screen, insect-preventing screen machine
The description of products:
The main raw material is high quality fiberglass wire, it adopts the coated technicians of PVC resin single wire, then through the weaving, shaped-deciding, examine.
The main usage:
Insect preventing, pasture, orchard, vegetable garden, traffic, industry, healthy, civil, architecture.
The characteristics: environment-protecting, it doesnt include the chloride-fluoride, which achieved the international environment protection authentication request. It is weather-resisting, cold-resisting, heat-resisting, dry- resisting, cold-resisting, torridity, dry-resisting, static electricity-resisting, ultraviolet tray-resisting, long usage life etc.
The specification of products
1, mesh: 18*16mesh 18*14mesh 16*16mesh 16*14mesh
2, width: 61cm 71cm 80cm 100cm 110cm 122cm 142cm 152cm 162cm 183cm
3, the main color: black, white, green, yellow, gray, off-white etc.
4, we can produce various of special specifications, colors and mesh products according to customers requirements.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
about 30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
TT or L/C