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Wintergreen oil
Brief introduction: Any of several evergreen plants in the heath order (Ericales) . They grow as woodland wildflowers and are cultivated as garden ground cover. They are also grown as a source of oil of wintergreen, a volatile, pungent oil used to flavour candies and chewing gum and to soothe muscular aches. Wintergreen is an alternative common name for several woodland herbs: those of the genus Pyrola (shinleaf) , comprising about 12 species of creeping perennials, and Gaultheria procumbens (also called teaberry and checkerberry; see also snowberry) , with white flowers and spicy red berries.
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid. having natural wintergreen odor
Specific gravity (d204) 1.180-1.189
Refractive index (n200) 1.534-1.538
Methylsalicylatg content 98%min
Optical rotation +0.5(degree) ; -- -1(degree)
Uses: Used in medicines, cool beverages and tooth pastes, etc.
Package & storage IN 175kg new drum. It should be kept in dry, ventilation environment.