Sell wire mesh filter disc

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Wire Materials: Stainless steel wire, copper wire, galvanized iron wire, polyamide fiber or F46 wire.
Process: Crochet weaving.
General Use: Filter mesh for gas and liquid serves well in filtering and deleting the particle mixture in foam, liquid and air, by way of distillating, absorbing, evaporating and filtering process, in petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, machine, pharmaceuticals, automobile and environmental protection.

Wire mash product:steel meshes, brass meshes, black wire cloth, zinc-plated crimped crimped meshes, iron wire, welded meshes, barbed wire, expanded meshes, round-hold meshes, zinc-plated window screen, AL-MGalloy window screen, stove-finishing meshes, wire fence for high way and railway etc. The specifications add up to more than 600. You can obtain all of them in high quality with a reasonable price.