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Components: one panel, two remote control, one Door Contact (MC001) ,
one PIR Detector(HW002) , and some other elective accessories.

1. Global function of LCD operation.
2. Full compliance with ADEMCO PROTOCOL
3. You can inquiry event log(85 item) on the panel for the time of arming/disarming, the operator, alrm time and the zone number.
4. 12seconds for the master to recording, it coulde be used as voice prompt when user receive the alarm from the panel not in networking .
5. Every detector can be set to doorbell function or locally alarm when it is disarmed;
6. Alarm when the invalid and old man unmove in the pre-set time;
Alarm when no one make his rounds in the warehouse in the pre-set time.
7. Zone type programmable according to your wishes (Zone type: exit/entry delay ,24 hours zone, ring/silent when alarming, belong to interior / perimeter zone )
8. Panel can receive the low voltage signal from detector and show the zone and detector number on the LCD while sound a beep.
9. 4 wire connection to any zone.
10. 6 time points of timed Auto-arming/ disarming (24 hour mode) .
11. Wireless detector installation and test function.
12. Function of speak and listen in .
13. Siren could be set to sound when away arming. It is convenient to arming over long distances.
14. Every zone can be armed/disarmed separately except for the 24hour zone.
15. Built-in battery enable the panel functioned as usual when the power failure.
16. Alarm when the telephone wire is break.
17. It is possessed of tamper alarm function.
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NEW SN2300