Sell wireless FM transmitter with LCD display(FM-72S)

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1. Able to change audio signal into frequency modulation signal and transmits wireless to the speaker in the car or at home ;
2. Able to work with any audio playing device such as IPOD, CD, VCD, DVD, recorder, etc. ;
3. Full frequencies, every frequency between 87.0 to 108MHz can be chosen(interval 0.1MHz)
4. Blue backlight, LCD display. frequencies can be adjusted freely and shown on the LCD;
5. two power source:car power source or 2 AAA battaries
6. memory function: Press "O" button for a few seconds until M0, M1, M2. . . M9 is shown on the LCD, so that you can save the transmission frequency. (IF no BATTERY on battery box "no power" can keep the sotck & sotck 10 years) .
7. The FM Transmitter will automatically shut down after 2 minutes if no audio frequency is input.
8. Low battery detect function, can operate naturely under low voltage(0.9v)
9. provide the power to mp3 or other device
10. radiation distance:>5m.
11. Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz
12. Separation:>=50dB
13. Operating current:38mA
14. Operating volt:1.5~3V
15. Distortion<=3%(F=75KHz. f=1KHz)
16. Signal to noise ratio>=45db
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