Sell wireless LED curing light

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New design!

Detailed Product Description

1. Ultra-small, humane, reliability design

2. Cold light source , less calorie value, Can prolonged continuous use.

3. Using aluminum frames, stunning beauty, and has excellent heat dissipation.

4. A variety of alternative work patterns, (1) . strong light (2) . gradually bright (3) Pulse

5. A digital display shows the time, clarity, and time can be 5-40 seconds in accordance with the needs of its customers can continuously tunable

6. Low-power warning

7. Sleep function: If more than one minute of operation will automatically enter sleep function to save power, such as awaken sleep function only to touch panels can resume normal use of state.

8. Automatic memory: users closed-curing lamp power, the product automatically shut down before the memory of the function and use of seconds, the resumption of light curing lamps will be rendered before the power is turned off using the function and in seconds.

9. Optical power: more than 1500mW/cm2