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KYL-812 wireless ON-OFF input and output module

KYL wireless ON OFF input and output module is a wireless transmission equipment with four 4 way DI and 4 way relay DO.
I. Function and feature
4 channel ON-OFF DI and DO transmitting timely. The 4 channel ON-OFF condition for the transmitting equipment can be output timely at the receiver equipment. That is the ON-OFF condition for the transmitting equipment is shut down, while the ON-OFF condition will be shut down at the receiver equipment; and the transmitting equipment is disconnect, while the receiver equipment will disconnect.
1. 4 channel coupler isolated inputs, high reliability and stability.
2. 4 channel relay dry contact output, contact current is 30V 1A.
3. 4 channel 5V voltage output.
4. Collocate wireless data transmission module with 2-3km.
Working frequency 433MHz(400-470MHz) ;
RF power: 500mW;
Receive sensitivity:-120dBm
5. Receive current: 30mA; transmitting current: 300mA
6. Power supply: DC 9-15V
7. Size: 82mm*82mm
II. Switch definition for dialing code
DIP8: Working mode choosing:
ON: send the inputting conditions. The module will send the inputting conditions of the 4 channel ON OFF
OFF: send timely every 1s or 2s; principal equipment will send the 4-channel input condition to the subordinate equipment (non-realtime transmission)
DIP7: Principal and subordinate mode choosing under the timing mode:
ON: subordinate equipment, OFF: principal equipment
DIP6: Sending interval choosing under the timing mode:
ON: slow(2s one time) , OFF: fast(1s one time)
DIP5: No definition
DIP1-4: Channels choosing (max 16 channels)
* Users generally use the inputting change sending mode, DIP7-ON;
* To avoid more than two remote control systems working at the same time in one remote control range, the module for different system should choose different channel (working frequency) ;
* Under the timing mode, it should be one subordinate equipment, and
one principal equipment;
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