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A. No wiring between sets is required.
B. Plug the set into nearest AC outlet.
C. Push to talk and release to listen.
D. Can be used as a monitor for the babys room or any room in the house.
E. This one is designed by P. L. L. (phase locked loop) communication system and hi-fidelity.
F. Also its hi-sensitivity by use condenser microphone as transmit system. It s F. M (frequency modulation) and operated without annoying interference and line noises.
G. Communication between operated locations on the same power transformer .

Power source AC 110/120/220/240V.50-60Hz
Carrier Frequency 1. CH A: 200K Hz
2. CH B: 230K Hz
3. CH C: 260K Hz
4. CH D: 290K Hz
R. F. Output power 100m W
Audio output power 500m W
Transmission & Receiptor PHASE LOCKED LOOP (P. L L)
Dimension 182(W) X140(D) X43(H) mm
Weight 600g/pc