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Musical Noise Announces The Arrival Or Visitors

1. The Compact and Elegant Mounting Design Saves Trouble In Mounting and Expenses and Gives No Influence To The Surface Of Decoration.
2. The Strong Digital Anti-Interference prevents Interference Between Users and Misringing.
3. The Ultra-Distance Remote Control (120 Meters) Meets The Need Of various and High Buildings.
4. European Style and Delicate Streamlined Design Brings Your Home Beauty.
5. With Loud and Music. The Tone Has Been Identified By Music Master. It's Really The Guarantee Of High Quality and Confidence.
6. With Very Low Power Consumption, Less Than 5W. Transmitter's Battery Can Be Used More Than 1 Year.
7. The Built-In Stereo Loudspeakers Gives Sweet and Clear Sounds So The Doorbells Are Suitable For Households, Offices, Factories and Hotels.
8. Multimusic Sound (Model) For Choice.
9. Button Transmitter Battery: 12V 23A

The Convenient and Unique Designs Adds Luster To Your Home

1. The Doorbell Must Match The Pushbutton, Please See The Clauses On Its Outer Casin.
2. Fix The Push Button At The Door With Screws Glass Glue Or Dual-Side Sponge Adhesive Tape. Be Sure Not To Let It Close To Any Metal Abject Or Expose It To Rains. The Battery May Last For One Year (20 Times/Day) .
3. Open The Battery Compartment Lid, and Insert Three Alkaline Batteries Of "AA" Size (Manganese Batteries Cant't Last Long and Electrolyte May Leak) . Buit-In Envi, -Prot Elec Economical System.
4. Please Replace The Batteries When You Find It Can't Work Properly After A Period Of Use.
5. The Doorbell Can Be Placed Indoors Plug It In A Socket. (With Less Than 5W Power Consumption) .

Model For Choice:
1. Ding Dong (Double)
2. Soft Ding Dong
3. rance
4. Open The Door Please
5. Ding Dong (single)
6. Golden Melody
7. Twelve-Piece Melody
8. English
9. Siemens
10. Arabic
Supply Capacity
CE,E13 , ISO , ccc,
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