Sell wireless two-way long distance transreceiver module

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two-way distant data transreceiver module
Technical index parameter
Operating temprature: -25 degree~60 degree
Operating humidity: 10%~90%(comparative humandity, without containing condensation)
Outer size:45mm(L) x 39mm(W) (containing no antena board)
Antena tie-in mode: SMA
Operating frequency: 428~435MHz
Trasmit power:500mW
Receive sensibility:-107dbm
Transmit current: 350mA
Receive current: 30Ma
Interface speed: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/Bit/s (user choice)
Interface data format: 8E1/8N1/801

Operating power: +5V/+12V (direct current)

Practical scope:
A short distance wireless data transmission;
1 point-to-multipoint wireless networking, wireless field bus, automated data acquisition system;
2 water, gas, heat, electricity and other residents of wireless automatic meter reading meter;
3 industrial control, telemetry;
4 Power Supply Bureau and the wireless meter reading stations;
5 building automation, security, computer room equipment, wireless surveillance, access control systems;
6 POS system, PDA wireless smart terminal, medical equipment;
7 PTZ monitoring, computer room power supply, fan equipment, wireless remote control alarm system;
8 monitor distribution, reactive power compensation controller meter reading system;
9 wireless back from the target at the target system;
10 warehousing logistics, wireless laser guns, wireless bar code reader;
11 meeting to vote on wireless systems;
12 Wireless a la carte restaurant;
13 E-stop, intelligent traffic control system;
14 Queue wireless electronic display boards as well, back to a single cabinet;
15 hanging said wireless, wireless e-scales;
16 not parking, car parks;
17 wireless vehicle detection and four-wheel-positioning system;
18 monitoring wells and water systems;
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3000units Per Month
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10 units
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