Sell wireless video door phone

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1) Use the high-definition of 2.4"digital display screen;
2) Both of Launch and receive depending on digital encryption and frequency technic, strong anti-interference and high degree of confidentiality;
3) Use full-duplex mode intercom calls, voice clarity
4) Hands-free calling function;
5) Use the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered, with automatic recharging function.
6) indoor unit is Desktop, and can be moved at any time, so you can know or see your guests at any time and location.
7) Instruction function of charge
8) The system with visitors picture storage function, when a visitor came in and pressed the doorbell, the camera will automatically take pictures for them and storage by itself, when the owner came back, they will know who visited their house.
9) Wireless control and electronic control to open the lock.
10) Transmission distance in open terrain can reach to 120-180M.
11) Use 2.4GHz frequency transmission.
12) Time and outdoor tempeature display
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