Sell women sanitary pad (towel) packing machine

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The entire machine is PLC control; Servo electrical machinery with 2 axes actuation; Touch screen parameter adjustment; security brake protective device, guarantee operational safety; put the material handwork , automatic forming, packing; cut bits and pieces automatically by knife and automatic recycle ; protect heating wire cuts from unstable; different product only replace the mold, simple operate , which can realize the double location synchronous operate.

Apply range:
Apply in women sanitary napkin, pad, paper urine trousers packing
Pack speed; max 60 bag/min
Power : 5KW--3~380V
compressed air : 0.4Mpa~0.5Mpa
dimension : 1.8m*1.1m*1.8m(L*W*H)

Its main characteristic is the small volume, simple operate, quickly packing speed, strong stability. Its main profit is can enhance the working efficiency, reduces the production cost, manages the cost, and province person. Its main reduce produce and management cost, and save labor. Reduce produce management space, strong production craft integration, reduce two times of pollution. An equipment can pack different size of product.