Sell wood briquettes

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Ecoenergogroup offers high quality wood briquettes. 100Euro per ton in our warehouse in Novogrudok, Belarus.
The wood briquettes can be used for wood stoves and industrial facilities.

We adhere to commonly recognized European standards for wood briquettes:

* О NORN M 7135 in Austria
* DIN 5135 in Germany
* SS 18 71 21 in Sweden

Wood briquettes do not contain any harmful substances like glue etc. Pressed under huge pressure and high temperature the briquettes have a form of cylinder. Wood briquettes fuel is widely used for various types of heaters: heating boilers, wood-fired boilers etc. Wood briquettes perfectly burn in fireplaces, stoves, grills. The greatest advantage of wood briquettes is that they maintain high temperature during all time of burning which lasts 4 hours.