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Yulong brand GX series Drum Wood Chipper is one kind of special equipment for producing wood chips, widely used in the raw material preparing process in the factories of flakeboard, fiberboard, papermaking and wood chips making plant. Small drum type wood chipper is the best equipment for factorys laboratory preparing material.
Raw material for Drum type wood chipper cutting is mainly small trail wood, lumbering remainds ( such as branches, twigs, tress etc) and woodworking remainds ( such as slab, plank, log core, waste veneer etc) . It also can be used to chip non-lignin raw material (such as flax pole, bulrush, bamboo etc) .
Drum wood chipper is composed of base, blade roller, upper and nether (below) feeding organization, feeding equipment, hydraulic press cushion system and electric control system.
1. Base
The machine base is welded by high strength steel plate, which is the support foundation of whole machine. The fixed blade base support is welded together with the machine base and used for place bottom blade base. The fixed blades is fixed on the bottom blade base through pressed block by a screw. The bottom blade base can extract freely through hole in base wall plate side, it is fixed by two spline. The wood chips fall through holes in sieve, then discharge from the machine base. The oversized wood chips can be cutted again through fragment pole on the machine base.

2. Blade roller
The blade roller is working part of wood chipper, it is welded by steel plate (small wood chipper roller is overall solid structure) . It has better steel nature and inertia and after dynamic balance test.
The main axle and the blade roller join together through locking equipment and the flat spline. Its structure is simple, the assembling and dismantling is convenient, operation is reliable. Both sides of main axle are supported by automatic self aligning roller bearing, bearing base is fixed on machine base.
There are two rotary blades on the blade roller, it is fixed on the blade roller by special rotary blade bolts through pressed block.
3. Upper and nether feeding organization
The upper feeding organization is composed of upper feed roller base, feed roller, feed roller axle, pendulum shaft and reducer.
The nether feeding organization is composed of feed roller, support roller, feed roller axle and reducer.
The feed roller diameter is big, the weight is heavy and the surface has thick tooth, then can compact raw material, so that the raw material can enter the cutting position in balanced speed to keep the wood chips length and quality, the upper and nether feed roller stagger mutually to clean up the scraping.
The upper feed roller is tightened with axel through locking equipment, the axel is supported by spherical surface roller bearing, bearing base is fixed on the upper feed roller base. The upper feed roller is fixed on the machine base through pendulum shaft, and can swing circling pendulum shaft to ensure it can adapt the feeding altitude automatically.
The nether feed roller is tightened with axel through locking equipment, axel and supporting roller is supported by spherical surface roller bearing, bearing, bearing base is fixed on the machine base.
The upper and nether reducer drive the upper and nether feed roller respectively. The upper feed rollers rotation direction is same to blade roller rotation direction, the nether feed rollers rotation direction is opposite to blade roller rotation direction.

4. Feeding equipment
The feeding equipment has the belt conveyor and vibrating feeding machine two types.

The belt conveyor is composed of head wheel, rear wheel, belt and rack. The head wheel is driven by nether feed roller axle through chain link. The head wheel drive belt to send raw material to feed inlet.
Vibrating feeding machine is composed of feed groove, base and driving part. Motor drives crank-connecting rod mechanism, make the feed trough simple harmonic oscillation through eccentricity revolving, make the raw material move ahead to feed inlet.
5. Hydraulic press cushion system
Medium or big model drum wood chipper have the hydraulic press cushion system,
expectthe small drum wood chipper.
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