Sell wood-fibre reinforced gypsum board

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Produced based on German technologies and formula, the wood-fibre reinforced gypsum board is a new building panel, which takes the high-strength gessoes of certain fineness as adhesive, takes wood fibre as reinforcement and is produced by semi-dry process and felted by airflow feeding, shaped by the high pressure of a 3000 ton presser. It is the new building panel of wide uses, integrating the advantages of all kinds of gypsum board with paper surface and wood panel which are popular in marker at present, meanwhile overcoming their disadvantages and forming its own unique characters. The standard breadth of wood-fibre reinforced gypsum board is 3050mmW1220mm, the standard thickness respectively is: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16mm, etc. we also can supply the panel of special breadth and 6-28mm-thick to the requirements of the clients.