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Floor features:
1. S4S, KD
2. Planed with groove and tongue
3. Fine sanding
4. Prefinished with UV coating and anti-scratch finish.
5. Fixed length or random length or joint finger floor,

Main wood species:

Maple, Odum, Kempas, Keranji, Merbav, Cumaru, IPE, Jatoba, Tauari, Keruing, Kulim

Koompassia spp, Tetrmerista spp, Myroxyion spp, balsamam spp,
Elsideroxylon spp, Tabebuia spp, Hymenaea spp, Manikara spp,
Scorodocarpus spp, Intsia spp, Teak spp, Juglans spp, Ekk spp, Ecuis spp,
Dipteryx spp, Xylia spp, Dialium spp, Shoree spp.

Harwood flooring specifications:
*1800/900/910/915/length changeable as per requested
* 95/90/91/ width changeable as per requested*18/thickness changeable as
* 600/630/ length changeable as per requested*110/width changeable as per
18/ thickness changeable as requested

Quality standard: AC3, AC4, AC5

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