Sell wood flour machine

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This machine is lately researched and developed by our technician. It increases the fineness of wood powder up to 600- 800 meshes, solves the ultra-fine powder shortage problem in the market.

Advantages of this type machine: reasonable design, low loss, low noise, no pollution, easy operation.

It is mainly used to process bamboo, nutshell, bark, leaf, wheat bran, rice hull, corn cob, straw, shell, dehydrated vegetable, paper, mica, graphite, perlite, lees, charcoal, activated carbon, tea leaf, cotton, and leather etc.

It can be widely used in chemical, building material, pharmaceuticals and food industry.

1. Installed with a new material, it has the function of sound insulation and heat dissipation. Thus the machine has low noise and no vibration in use. Besides, beautiful and durable, it offers high output, with efficiency rising 50% or above than conventional wood flour machine. Therefore, it is ideal high-tech equipment that is irreplaceable by any other crushers.
2. The feed port of the machine is of auto-suction type so that it can ensure the safety in production. It is superior to conventional crusher which is subject to direct feeding and will be damaged by metal blocks.
3. The wood flour machine adopts double-layer structure with interlayer.
4. It can accept water for cooling.