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1. We are the unique GMP manufacturer af Wood ( Bamboo ) Vinegar Plaster in China.
2. Wood Vinegar Plasters is the exclusive product which has obtained three technology patents of wood vinegar sorts.
3. Wood Vinegar Plaslers is the exclusive product which has obtained the official medicinal permits of wood vinegar sorts from the Chinese Government.
4. Wood Vinegar Plasters is the exclusive product which has been recognized and lease-lend by the government of wood vinegar sorts in China.

Medical Theory

Toxic accummulation can lead to disease, When the waste products in our body reaches an excessive level, they can cause fatigue, restlessness or other health problems.

We are constantly bombarded by pollutants from our surrounding environment and toxins in our food and drink. If not eliminated, they become toxic waste that accumu lates in our bodies and contributes to all kinds of diseases and chronic tiredness. Accumulated toxic waste tend to bog down all body systems so that it makes the organs, joints and tissues of body become prone to inflammation. As bacteria begins to thrive, disease come into being. In order to stay healthy and vigor, and to keep away from many kinds of degenerative disease, we should regularly cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins.

The soles of feet are the second heart of body and they are reflexive zones of the body's internal organ the system.

Usage instruction

1. Place the plaster on the painful area directly, such as foot, neck, shoulder, elbow, waist and knee.
2. Place the plaster on the painful area together with sole reflection area, it will be more effective.

Detoxic Negative lon Far Infrared Radiation

Exper harmful dampness
Relieve pain and reduce swelling
Cleanse the blood
Improve the activty of heart
Promote healthy blood circulation
Enhance body immune system
Dissipate fatigue
Feel more energetic
Improve the quality of sleep
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
500 CTNS/month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 CTNS
Patents or Trademarks
patented in China
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C at sight
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