Sell wood working thicknesser American style

wood working thicknesser American style
Model No. : MTMB103.3
Power: 1.5HP
Length: 450mm Width: 330mm
Speed: 5000rpm 60Hz
Number of knives: 3
Diameter: 68mm
15000cuts per minute
Max. Width of cutting: 13"
Max. Height: 6"
Max. Depth of cutting : 1/8"
Max. Profile Depth:3/4"
N. W: 120kg, G. W:135kg
L670 x W500 x H1150mm
Loading Qty/ 20: 64pcs

Model No. : MTMB103.8
Power: 2HP
Table: Length: 450mm Width: 382mm
Cutterhead: Speed: 5000rpm 60Hz, Number of knives: 3, Diameter: 75mm
Cutting capacity: Width: 381mm, Depth: 4.8mm, Lift distance:152mm
N. W: Body:157kg Stand: 36kg, G. W:Body: 186kg stand:38.5kg
Packing Measure: L810 x W620 x H820mm
Loading Qty/ 20: 50pcs