Sell wooden flooring, bamboo flooring, outdoors flooring

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Solid wooden flooring :
Solid wooden flooring is made of natural high-quality timber without any assembled which can keep the timber's high capability. It is manufactured with some shape and dimention by a serise of process procedure and can be used in room's decroration because of its ornamental and function. There are several characters for room's decroration such as comfortable feeling for foot, natural, warm in winter and cool in summer, nobleness and elegance etc. It's good for environment's modulation.

Engineered wooden flooring:
Engineered wooden flooring not only has the strongpoint such as natural and beautiful, comfortable foot feeling, good heat-preservation capability which similar to solid flooring but also conquers the deficiencies of solid wooden flooring such as warp & deformation, crack and not stability because of timbers contraction.

Heavy duty engineered flooring:
Unlike the conventional engineered floors that use softwood to make their cores and bottoms, our products' 3-layer cross-ply construction ensures optimum dimensinal stability, in addition, they can be installed by gluing, nailing or floating.

Bamboo flooring:
The gloss of bamboo flooring is quitely elegant. The rings on the board surface strew at random which form the natural grain. The texture is hardness and good elasticity with symmetrical & rational structure and good dimensional stability .