Sell wooden flooring from Sennor Flooring

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Bamboo flooring:
Bamboo flooring is one of the best sellable building materials in our company and we have exported it to many countries. In order to guarantee the quality and stable of bamboo flooring, we are employing the homag production line from Germany and applying only aluminum oxide coating. Besides offering the normal tongue & groove type, we do also provide click lock which is very popular in European and Northern American areas coz it is no need the method of gluing down.

Hardwood flooring:
As one of leading supplier of hardwood flooring in China, we not only supply many kinds domestic timber flooring such as oak, ash, maple and cherry, but also do import the foreign timber merbau, kempas, macaranduba, jotoba etc. from south east Asia and south American.

Engineered Flooring:
We offer the engineered flooring with the system of normal tongue & groove and click lock, and 3 layers with 1 strip, 2 strips and 3 strips. Besides it, we also provide multi-plywood with 1strip and 3 strips.